Rediscovering Science

Join us for science exploration with activities you can do at home! Every week we’ll have a different theme to keep you curious about the world around you. Once you complete the featured activity, email it to us and we’ll send you a WET Science Center prize – a pencil, magnet, or stickers. Thurston County residents can also enter our monthly drawing by sending us a photo of any Science in Action activity.

Discover with your 5 Senses

Young smiling boy with his hands on ears listening.

Humans use five senses to observe our world. Dive into the world of sight, sound, hearing, touch, and taste. Create visual illusions, try a taste test, and listen to a water xylophone.

Featured Activity
Experience water in five ways.  5 SENSES

Science in Action
Paper Spinner
Taste Bud Mapping
Nature Sound Map
Fizzy Bath Balls


Seven Days of STEAM

Young kids excited as foam overflows from beaker during chemistry experiment.

Ever wonder how scientists study the world around us? With our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities, you’ll ask a question, then answer it. STEAM is for everyone!

Featured Activity
Design a marble maze with objects around your house.  MARBLE MAZE  

Science in Action
Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars for a Biologist
Density Tower Experiment for a Chemist
Robot Hand for a Robotics Engineer
Banjo Lids for an Inventor


ARTrageous Kids 

Two boys making fun stuff from recycled items at home.

Pull out your art supplies because we’re about to get ARTrageous. Using supplies in your home and a little creativity, you can create a masterpiece. Share photos with us so we can admire your creations too!

Featured Activity   
Create an Andy Goldsworthy masterpiece.  NATURE ART  

Science in Action
Recycled Plastic Shrinky Dinks
Popup Cards
Water Drop Collage
Recycled Gratitude Rainbow


A Drop in the Bucket

Earth in water drop reflection under green leaf

Earth is called the blue planet for a reason. But how much of the world’s water is clean and fresh? With simple science experiments you can find out. Plus you’ll discover more about how you can protect water, one of our most precious resources.

Featured Activity
If all the world’s water could fit in a bucket.  DROPS COUNT  

Science in Action
Water Drop Maze
Be a Water Superhero
Drops on a Penny
Wastewater Calculator
Discover Water Computer Game


Explore the Outdoors

Scavenger hunt this way signpost in lush forest woodland

Embrace your curiosity for the outdoors and prepare to use all of your senses. You’ll be exploring the amazing ecosystem right outside your door. What do you think you might see?

Featured Activity
Be an outdoor explorer to see what you can find and hear.  EXPLORE 

Science In Action
Olympia Parks Junior Ranger
Nature Paint Brushes
Nature Weave
Backyard Ecosystem
Roly Poly Science Experiment


At Home Camp-A-Thon

A girl holding a walking stick is leading her family through a forest adventure.

Ready, set, camp! Who said you have to camp only outside? Indoors or out, you will build the camping skills to make you a successful camper. Maybe you can even make s’mores.

Featured Activity
Practice the skills to be a great camper.  GO CAMPING 

Science in Action
Build a Blanket Fort
Natural Balance STEM Challenge
Tie Strong Knots
Campfire Recipes
TP Roll Campfire


Endless Possibilities of Green Design

Hand holding wooden house with green forest background blurred and rays of sun light

With green and blue design, we can build a beautiful world for not only humans but also plants, bugs, and birds. The whole ecosystem! Dig into the big ideas of sustainable design and become an engineer that builds for all of Earth.

Featured Activity
Go on a green design scavenger hunt.  GO GREEN 

Science in Action
Tour a LEED Certified Building
Solar Oven
Sponge Sprout House
Recycled Magazine Bowl
Biogas Digester Experiment


Bursting Blooms & Bubbles

Little girl wearing dandelion wreath lying on flower meadow and smiling

Flowers and bubbles burst in all colors of the rainbow! Get creative with bubbles, and explore the diverse world of flowers from bud to bloom.

Featured Activity
Go on a bloom hunt to find different types and colors of flowers.  LOOK CLOSELY 

Science in Action
Flower dissection
Blooming paper flowers
Paper Hyacinths
Super bubble solution
Recycled Bottle Bubble Paint


Think Like a Scientist

Boy in glasses and white lab coat thinking like a scientist.

What makes you curious about the world around you? How often do you ask questions? You’re thinking like a scientist! Make observations, try an experiment, and use your scientific tools! This week we are all scientists.

Featured Activity
Draw yourself as a scientist.  SCIENCE TIME 

Science in Action
Think Like a Scientist!
Will it sink or will it float?
Does it dissolve?
What makes a penny shiny?
Can you power a car with a balloon?


Show Love for Orcas

Orca emerging from the ocean at sunset with coast and birds

Southern Resident orcas love Chinook salmon almost as much as we love orcas! Orcas of the Salish Sea are important to our ecosystem, but face many challenges from human disruption. Celebrate the start of Orca Month.

Featured Activity
Show off your orca knowledge.  ORCAS ROCK 

Science in Action
How blubber works experiment
Echolocation experiment
Whale origami
Orca markings are like fingerprints
Live cameras of Orcas 


Powerful Pollinators

Close up of a flying bee pollinating a white flower

Bees, butterflies, birds, bats, and beetles all play an important role in pollination. Did you know 75% of all plants need pollinators? Get to know some amazing pollinators with our activities!

Featured Activity
Take a walk around your neighborhood to find pollinators.  LET'S GO

Science in Action
Homemade Hummingbird Feeder
Pressed Flower Sun Catcher
Pollination Cheetos Experiment
What’s Your Pollinator Knowledge?

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